Public Info Meeting: Durham Meadows Superfund Site

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Revisions to 2005 Cleanup Plan Correction Meeting Location Change EPA is providing notice of revisions to the cleanup plan described in the 2005 Record of Decision (2005 ROD). The 2005 Record of Decision (2005 ROD) delineated the extent of the area where groundwater contamination exists and cannot be remediated (known as the Technical Impracticability Zone). Groundwater data collected since the 2005 ROD has shown the extent of groundwater contamination to extend further southwest. EPA is issuing an Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD) to document the revised extent of the Technical Impracticability Zone. This change does not impact the cleanup work at the Durham Meadows Superfund Site because the extent of groundwater contamination was fully documented prior to the initiation of the water line project. All contaminated wells within the Technical Impracticability Zone have been eliminated and the associated properties have been connected to the new water system. In addition, the water line was extended to include those properties in close proximity to the Technical Impracticability Zone that could possibly become contaminated in the future. The revision to the Technical Impracticability Zone also does not impact the Groundwater Management Zone Ordinance of the Town of Durham, Connecticut which was also developed after the revised extent of groundwater contamination was documented. A Fact Sheet describing the proposed changes along with the Draft ESD and other documents contained in the administrative record are available for review at the Durham Meadows Superfund Site website at

EPA will be hosting an informational meeting to discuss the proposed changes and provide an update regarding the Site cleanup activities. Public Information Meeting June 11, 2024 at 7 pm Durham Town Hall, 3rd Floor Meeting Room 30 Town Hall Road, Durham, CT 06422 

EPA is providing a 21-day comment period regarding the draft ESD. The comment period will extend from June 12, 2024 to July 2, 2024. Comments can be sent via email to: or mailed to: Edward Hathaway, Project Manager, USEPA Region 1, 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100, Mailcode: 07-1, Boston, MA 02109 

For further information about the public information meeting or the public comment process, call Darriel Swatts, Public Affairs Specialist / Community Involvement Coordinator at (617) 918-1065, or toll-free at 1-888-372-7341, ext. 81065, or email at